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Aloha! | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer
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Aloha! | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer
Mike & Christie get a little alone time after their Hawaiian wedding ceremony on the beach

Wedding Photography from the Beach in Rochester

A Traditional Hawaiian Wedding Ceremony

Nothing says summer like a beautiful wedding on the beach and Mike & Christie picked the perfect August day for theirs. It took place on the shore of Lake Ontario (just outside of Rochester NY) beneath their boat slip, the very spot where they got engaged. Christie and Mike chose to have a traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremony following many of its customs and guidelines, including the exchanging of leis and a ring blessing performed with the waters of Lake Ontario. They also purchased The Essential Wedding Photography Package for their day and added an extra hour to it. It ended up working out really well for us time-wise. You can add additional time to any wedding photography package I offer to fit your needs.  I had plenty of time to get shots of the bride and groom getting ready prior to the ceremony, their formal wedding photos, and a ton of shots of the newlyweds together on the beach and dancing. Congratulations Christie & Mike and Best of luck to you both!

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Hawaiian wedding ceremony

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