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Linked | Business & commercial headshots and photography
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Linked | Business & commercial headshots and photography
Business owners Tracy & Gordon have a laugh with a client during our photo session

Business & Executive Headshots, Portraits, & Photography

Tracy are Gordon are business owners in Rochester NY that needed a photographer to take headshots & photos for website and advertising use. Together they are the owners of a website consulting firm called Business Web Strategies Inc. After talking/texting a bit with Tracy, I found out that aside from taking new head shots for their company website’s “about” page and social media pages, Tracy and Gordon were also looking to liven up and refresh their own website with some new photos. I suggested we capture some “action shots” of them downtown in more of a business environment, such as walking to a meeting and interacting with a client, etc. We ended up getting the best of both worlds; new head shots of both business partners individually,  photos of them together (they’re not just business partners, but husband & wife too!), as well as some candid shots of them at a consultation with a client. Take a look at a few of their photos or check out the Head Shot Photo Gallery where you can see in-studio headshots as well.

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