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Alexis! | Rochester NY Senior Portrait Photographers

Rochester NY Portrait Photographers It’s senior portrait season here in Rochester NY. Always a favorite time of year for me…I get to head to a variety of different locations in the Rochester area to take photos of high school seniors. Alexis decided she wanted to take her senior pictures on the beach. We trucked it […]

Harris Corp. | Event Photographers Rochester NY

On Location Event Photography in Rochester NY If you’re looking for an event photographer in Rochester NY, read on! Canal Town Photo can provide your corporate event, office, or private party with on location photography and pictures. From formal and group portraits to headshot photography. This past week we were invited by Harris Corp. to their […]

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Linked | Business & commercial headshots and photography

Business & Executive Headshots, Portraits, & Photography Tracy are Gordon are business owners in Rochester NY that needed a photographer to take headshots & photos for website and advertising use. Together they are the owners of a website consulting firm called Business Web Strategies Inc. After talking/texting a bit with Tracy, I found out that aside from taking […]

Trica & Tim!  | Engagement Photography Rochester NY

Rochester NY Engagement Photographers   Engagement photography is always a great way for clients to get to know me, my style of photography, and how I work. I had an awesome time shooting Tricia & Tim’s engagement photos in the Rochester area. Tricia and Tim’s engagement session was free as part of The Premium wedding package they […]

Tuning Pegs | Rochester NY Photographer Senior Portraits

This week’s photoBLOG entry features senior photos from the Rochester NY area with Sarah. Sarah is a Webster High School student and cello player, or should I say cellist, whose been playing since she was a young child. Her Mom is also a music teacher, so maybe it’s just in her DNA. When her Mom […]

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All Smiles - Rochester NY Photographer Headshots

Kids Photography and Headshots with Jaci   Fall is definitely a favorite time of the year for family portraits & photos here in Rochester NY. As was the case with Jaci. Her parents contacted me about taking kid’s portraits, but were also looking for a photographer for headshots. They were interested in putting together a […]

Horsing Around | Rochester NY Photographer Senior Portraits

Portrait Photography on the Farm with Mikaela The setting for the latest portrait photography post was on the west side of Rochester NY on a farm & horse stable. When Mikaela’s family contacted me about a photo shoot on a farm with her horse, I knew right away I wanted to capture the  rustic & […]

1st & 10 | Rochester NY Photographer Senior Portraits & Sports

Senior Pictures & Portraits from the Football Field with Duke I get to meet a lot of different high school kids throughout the summer & school year to take their senior portraits. I do most of my photography work on-location and the cool thing about that is, I get to travel to all kinds of […]

Leuh! Rochester NY Photographer Senior Portraits

Modeling Photography in Rochester NY During a typical season of senior portrait & modeling photography here in Rochester NY I travel all over the Monroe County area from Webster, Fairport, & Penfield to Brockport, Greece, and this case, Spencerport NY. This week’s photography model is Leuh, a Spencerport High School senior with a passion for Jazz Dance […]

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Rays of Sunshine: A Look at Down Syndrome | Rochester NY Photographer

Rays of Sunshine: A Look at Down Syndrome This year I was honored to take part in a photography exhibit & calendar featuring kids & adults who have Down Syndrome. It’s called Rays of Sunshine: A look at Down Syndrome. The photo exhibit tagline explains it all: A photographic exhibit celebrating the abilities, achievements, and […]

Covering All The Bases |Rochester NY Photographer Senior Portraits

 Photographers in Greece NY   It’s time for senior portraits in Rochester NY! I got together with Greece Olympia High School Senior and Spartan 3rd baseman Carly. We decided to meet at a local park for her photo session which would enable us to get some outdoor portraits using the natural surroundings of the area. A […]

The Top 10! | Rochester NY Photographer Senior Portraits

Senior Pictures On-location in Rochester NY It’s mid-summer and while no one wants to think about kids going back to school yet (well, maybe the parents do…) it’s the peak season for senior portraits & pictures in Rochester NY. I had the pleasure of meeting Melodie and taking her senior pictures this week. I always […]

Kids & Children's Headshots|Rochester NY Photographer Headshots

Kids & Children’s Headshots | Leyla By Patrick Castania It’s time for headshots with Leyla! I’ve known Leyla for 3 & 1/2 years now and have gotten to photograph her many times throughout her life. It’s always a blast. So when her parents were approached by talent agency DSIAM I was first off, extremely happy for […]

Rustic Style! | Rochester NY Photographer Senior Portraits

Senior Pictures in Rochester – Webster Penfield & Fairport   By Patrick Castania I made my way to the east side of Rochester NY for senior pictures with Casey towards the end of fall. We had already taken Casey’s senior photos in front of the studio back drop for the yearbook, so for this photo shoot, we […]

Conrcrete, Metal, & A Skyline | Rochester NY Photographer Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits in a City/Urban Setting By Patrick Castania This week in the photoBLOG it’s portrait photography, with a bit of Rochester NY’s city & urban feel. I met up with Zachary in downtown Rochester NY to take his senior portraits. We talked about using an interesting location and finding something “a little out of the norm” for his senior pictures. My thoughts going into […]

Off the Beaten Path | Rochester NY Photographer Senior Portraits

Unique Senior Pictures & Portraits in Rochester NY By Patrick Castania I met up with Jocelyn for senior portraits & pictures in the Rochester NY area last week. She wasn’t looking for the same old-same old as far as her senior portraits were concerned. 1st off,  we wanted to take her senior photos in an interesting location […]

Senior Pictures  | On-Location with Stephen - Rochester NY Photographer Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits & Photos in Rochester NY More on-location senior portraits in the Rochester area this week, this time, one for the guys!   By Patrick Castania I met up with Stephen on the shores of Lake Ontario  in Rochester NY for one of Canal Town Photo’s specialties; outdoor senior pictures. We found a cool […]

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3 Is A Magic Number-3rd Birthday Photos with Leyla!

Kids photography in Rochester NY   The 3rd time’s the charm 😉 Canal Town Photo met up with Leyla for birthday number 3 to take a bunch of outdoor portraits in the Rochester Area. We made our way to the banks of the Erie Canal in Brockport near the Sweden Senior Center. Leyla’s parents were […]

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Oh Baby! Mia's 3 Month Old Photo Session

Baby Photography from Rochester’s NW I met up with the Weil family at their home near Charlotte Beach in Irondequoit for a baby photo session with Mia over the weekend. Mia just turned 3 months old and as with any infant this age, she can’t sit up or do a whole lot on her own […]

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Smile! Outdoor Portrait Photography with Gwen

Big Smiles!Kids and Family Photography from Rochester NY Outdoor portraits are always fun & exciting in our neck of the woods, especially in the fall. We head to the castle this week to get some beautiful shots of a real cutie, Gwen. We had a ton of fun with the many cool and unique settings we […]

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Rustic Family Portraits With The Lewis Family

Rustic Style Family Portraits caught between Rochester & Batavia After checking out a few of the photo galleries here on the site, the Lewis family contacted me about booking a rustic style family photography session. They thought the style they were looking for would mesh well with my style of portrait photography(they were right!). They […]

Senior Portraits | As Unique As You!

 Outdoor portraits in Rochester, I head to the west for Senior Portraits! By Patrick Castania I met up with Heather last week in the Hilton-Parma area for outdoor senior portraits. Parma Town Park was the location of choice for Heather to take her senior photos. It’s a great location for senior pix. I was able to […]

On-Location Senior Portrait Photography | Brittany! Rochester NY Photographer

On location senior portrait photography in Rochester NY! By Patrick Castania Senior portrait photography here in Rochester is well underway…For Brittany’s senior pictures, we started out indoors at her home, making sure to get few photos including her favorite; leopard print, then moved on to a few different poses & locations in the house. After that, we […]

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Outdoor Portraits with the Whole Family! Rochester NY Photographer

 Family Portrait Photography in Rochester NY By Patrick Castania Now-a-days, it’s not often that the whole family is together at once, as was the case for the Brandzels, who have family members on both coasts of the country.  I was happy to schedule an outdoor family portrait session at their Pittsford NY home (such a […]

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Sugar & Spice | Newborn & Infant Photography Rochester NY Photographer

Newborn and baby photography in Rochester NY with Evelyn By Patrick Castania I met 12 day old Evelyn in her Chili, NY home last week for baby photography just outside of Rochester. She was sleeping soundly when I arrived, which provided us with the opportunity to use a great prop for her pictures; the perfect […]

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Tiny Hands & Tiny Toes! | Newborn Photography Rochester NY Photographer

More kids and newborn photography this week from the Rochester NY area! By Patrick Castania This week I had the honor of being Nolan’s first photographer! To capture their newest family member,  Nolan’s parents took advantage of the in-home newborn photography sessions which I offer in the Rochester area. For me & my style of […]

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Candid Family Portrait Photography -Leyla

Kids  & family portrait photography in the Rochester NY area, from the shores of lake Ontario By Patrick Castania Canal Town Photo got together with Leyla & her family for an outdoor portrait session in honor of her 2nd birthday. This was my second time photographing her; we had a great time on her 1st […]

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Kids & Newborn Photography At Home!

Kids & Newborn Photography in the Rochester Area By Patrick Castania I met up with 4 month old Max for smiles, laughs, & baby portrait photography, at his family’s home in Clarkson, NY near Rochester. We started out by taking a few photos of Max in his nursery and then made our way down to take some pictures of him in […]

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In-home Family Portraits in Brockport

Canal Town Photo recently made a visit to the Brockport area just outside of Rochester NY for children’s and family portraits at home with the Prey family. The kid’s Mom said she really liked the idea of having the kids portraits taken in their home. The stress level was much lower than having to get the kids ready, take […]

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Newborn & Children's Photographer Rochester NY | Webster

 Holiday Photography at Home in Webster NY This week Canal Town Photo met Eli  for a newborn photography session in honor of his first Christmas and his just turning 4 months old! I had a great time taking candid photos of him all around his home in Webster, NY. He’s a very well natured little guy (and […]

Fall Senior Portraits Rochester NY | Spencerport | Senior Pictures

Senior Pictures in Rochester NY This week, I had one of my last senior portrait photography sessions in the Rochester NY area for the season. I ventured out with twin sisters and musicians, Wendy & Valerie. We incorporated a ton of this fall’s beautiful colors into their senior portraits! I took some “traditional” senior pictures […]

On-location Senior Pictures! | Rochester NY

Outdoor Senior Pictures in the Rochester Area with Gabby More on-location senior portraits this week! Gabby and I made our way through Highland Park, talked about bands, and took a ton of senior pictures! We had time for a few outfit changes during her session too, allowing us to as add some mood & personality […]

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Newborn Pictures | Rochester NY Family Photographer

Over the weekend Canal Town Photo met up with  Chad, Jeanne, and Alivia for an outdoor newborn & family portrait photography session. We kept it simple and headed to the backyard to take some outdoor portraits, then headed inside their Gananda home to get some candid shots of 1 month old Alivia. A couple favorites from their session are […]