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Rays of Sunshine: A Look at Down Syndrome | Rochester NY Photographer
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Rays of Sunshine: A Look at Down Syndrome | Rochester NY Photographer
An image from Rays of Sunshine: A look at Down Syndrome

Rays of Sunshine: A Look at Down Syndrome

This year I was honored to take part in a photography exhibit & calendar featuring kids & adults who have Down Syndrome. It’s called Rays of Sunshine: A look at Down Syndrome. The photo exhibit tagline explains it all: A photographic exhibit celebrating the abilities, achievements, and beauty of people with Down Syndrome.

When I was first approached by Rosa (the exhibit’s creator) her main objective was to break all the stereotypes and notions that people think of when they hear the words “Down Syndrome“. Our goal was to capture all that people Down Syndrome do & feel and most importantly how they don’t let Down Syndrome hold them back. This exhibit was possible through a collaboration with the Flower City Down Syndrome Network in Rochester NY who helped in many ways to make it all possible.

down syndrome

We first had planned on a 2-3 hour shoot with a bunch of the kids with a calendar to follow. The project quickly grew because of the response from members of the network. We decided to switch to on-location photo shoots because of the wide variety of activities that the participants take part in. The participants and the activities they are involved in were varied; we had people effected by Down Syndrome who were swimmers, take karate lessons, work at grocery stores, are ballet dancers, play trombone and violin, & work at restaurants. That’s just to name a few. It met our goal of shattering the old stereotypes of what people think of Down Syndrome perfectly. Now everyone could see that people with Down Syndrome are active members of the community and are everywhere! Along with all of this, a photo exhibition was also in the works and would take place at Black Radish Studio in the fall.

adults with Down Syndrome

The photo exhibit opening and calendar sales were a great success. They both received media coverage in the region by the Democrat and Chronicle as well as TV coverage by YNN and 13WHAM all helping to shatter the mold and spread the word about these Rays of Sunshine!

See more top picks from the Down Syndrome photography exhibit below…

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Down Syndrome and toddlers young chlldren

kids and Down Syndrome

functioning adults with Down Syndrome

young adults with down syndrome

Swimmer with Down Syndrome

piano player with Down Syndrome

weight lifter with Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome cute kid

 violin player with Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome laughing

child with Down Syndrome ballet

children Down Syndrome playing on playground

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