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Kids & Children’s Headshots|Rochester NY Photographer Headshots
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Kids & Children's Headshots|Rochester NY Photographer Headshots
A child model on the rise; Leyla Davila photographed by Canal Town Photo

Kids & Children’s Headshots | Leyla

By Patrick Castania

It’s time for headshots with Leyla! I’ve known Leyla for 3 & 1/2 years now and have gotten to photograph her many times throughout her life. It’s always a blast. So when her parents were approached by talent agency DSIAM I was first off, extremely happy for Leyla & her family and secondly, so glad to have the opportunity to take her headshots. My hope is that her head shots will open the doors to a ton of opportunity for her. She’s off to a great start as a clothing model and also has a local TV appearance under her belt already too!

Headshots are an excellent way for models and actors to promote themselves and get their foot in the door for auditions and modeling jobs. I went with a relaxed approach for Leyla’s head shot photography; a simple background with no distractions, to really draw attention to her and catch some of that happy little personality. I wish the Davila’s nothing but the best of luck! A few favorite headshots from her session are below. See more recent photography work (including some from Leyla’s past) in the photoBLOG

All images © Canal Town Photo

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You can also check out The Davila Family from their TV appearance on 13-WHAM’s MVMV 

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