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Kids & Newborn Photography At Home!
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Kids & Newborn Photography At Home!
4 month old Max; from his on-location portrait photography session at home in Clarkson

Kids & Newborn Photography in the Rochester Area

By Patrick Castania

I met up with 4 month old Max for smiles, laughs, & baby portrait photography, at his family’s home in Clarkson, NY near Rochester. We started out by taking a few photos of Max in his nursery and then made our way down to take some pictures of him in an outdoor setting too. I also nabbed a few close-ups of this cute little guy while he was comfy in his Mom’s arms. Max was pretty relaxed being in the familiar surroundings of home. One of the great things about having your kids’ portraits taken on-location, is that we get to take a lot of photos in a few different settings!  Take a look at a few of my favorite pictures from his newborn & infant photo session:

All images © Canal Town Photo

awesome hair

Kids and infant photographer rochester

baby close up

baby's feet, footsies

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