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All Smiles – Rochester NY Photographer Headshots
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All Smiles - Rochester NY Photographer Headshots
Jaci, from her photo session with Patrick

Kids Photography and Headshots with Jaci


Fall is definitely a favorite time of the year for family portraits & photos here in Rochester NY. As was the case with Jaci. Her parents contacted me about taking kid’s portraits, but were also looking for a photographer for headshots. They were interested in putting together a portfolio of Jaci for both children’s modeling and acting, both of which she is actively participating in here in the Rochester NY area. As usual I was happy to help with anything photography-wise! Jaci & I spent about 45 minutes together and took a ton of great photos during her session. I always use a variety of poses and settings with each photography client. If I’ve done my job, it’s a touch choice deciding what to include in their portfolio 🙂 These are my top choices from our session…

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