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Oh Baby! Mia’s 3 Month Old Photo Session
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Oh Baby! Mia's 3 Month Old Photo Session
A real cutie! 3 month old Mia from her baby photography session with Canal Town Photo

Baby Photography from Rochester’s NW

I met up with the Weil family at their home near Charlotte Beach in Irondequoit for a baby photo session with Mia over the weekend. Mia just turned 3 months old and as with any infant this age, she can’t sit up or do a whole lot on her own (yet!), so baby/infant photo sessions with Canal Town Photo also tend to turn into family portraits as well. I always like to include the parents in the photos to help hold & support the baby, keep her happy, plus get photos of the brand family together! For solo shots we always get creative and prop the baby up using any variety of blankets, pillows, baskets, whatever works. We took portraits outdoors and in. Have a look at few faves from her session…

All images © Canal Town Photo

baby in a basket outdoors

Family Portrait

baby girl in dress with soft light

baby feet in hands of father dad

father and daughter outdoor portrait

Infant portrait baby girl

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