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Woof! Woof! | Pet Photography with Bella the Flatcoat Retriever
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Woof! Woof! | Pet Photography with Bella the Flatcoat Retriever
Bella, takes a breather during her photo session...

Pet Photography in Rochester NY with Bella

Woof! Woof! Pet photography is always a blast and Bella, the Black Flatcoat Retriever that I met recently for pet photography, stuck to that rule! One of the great things I love about dog photography and dogs in general is that they’re not like us humans when the camera comes out. Sure, they might be interested in it for a few when they first see it, but then they just go back to being their doggie-selves, living in the moment with no reservations. Bella the dog was perfectly at home on her stomping grounds just outside of Rochester NY, where her pet photo session took place. She made her way through the trails, creek, and pond allowing me to get some great photos of her. We even had a chance to get a family portrait with their dog. A few faves from her pet photo session are below. Have a look:

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Pet Photography Rochester NY

...such a happy dog!

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Dog Photographer Rochester

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Dog photography Rochester NY

Family portraits photos with pets

Dog shaking and drying off

Bella the dog drying off after a quick dip in the pond

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