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Sugar & Spice | Newborn & Infant Photography Rochester NY Photographer
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Sugar & Spice | Newborn & Infant Photography Rochester NY Photographer
Evelyn gets a little rest during her newborn photo session with Canal Town Photo...

Newborn and baby photography in Rochester NY with Evelyn

By Patrick Castania

I met 12 day old Evelyn in her Chili, NY home last week for baby photography just outside of Rochester. She was sleeping soundly when I arrived, which provided us with the opportunity to use a great prop for her pictures; the perfect basket, which seemed just right for a snugly little baby. After she woke, I shot some portraits and close ups of her by herself and took a few newborn pictures with Mom too. I also just couldn’t miss those little hands, feet, & toes! A couple faves are below:

“A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.”  ~Author Unknown

All images © Canal Town Photo

Newborn Photography Rochester

baby photos rochester

Newborn photos rochester n

newborn close up

love between mother and baby child

newborn pictures Rochester NY

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