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Hello and welcome to Canal Town Photo! I’m Patrick, a Santa Clarita CA Wedding Photographer. My passion is to photograph people & events in a non-traditional, artistic style as well as in the more formal & traditional styles of portrait photography. I like to have fun, get creative, and keep it interesting while I’m taking your portrait or wedding photos. Aside from creating images for many great local clients here in Santa Clarita CA, I’ve also been hired for national photo assignments by County Living Magazine as well as other national trade & medical publications.

“Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for the love of it.” -Henry David Thoreau

 I always have a ton of ideas & inspiration in my approach to photography. So whether you need a photographer for your wedding or senior pictures we can discuss it all, from portrait & engagement photography locations to what you’d like to get out of your photography session with Canal Town Photo. To find out more about the client experience, check out the photographer review page or Google+ Canal Town Photo can be hired to photograph your wedding, senior portraits, or event in the Rochester, Batavia, & Buffalo area. Contact me to get the process started.

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Patrick Castania is a Santa Clarita CA photographer specializing in Wedding, Engagement, & Family Portrait Photography.

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