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Lisa and Colin | Wedding Photographers Rochester NY
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Lisa and Colin | Wedding Photographers Rochester NY
Lisa & Colin, just married, making their way up the stairs at Highland Park in Rochester NY.

Wedding Photos and Pictures

Up next is wedding photography from Lisa and Colin’s day in Rochester NY. As I’m told, having a wedding ceremony at the McQuaid Jesuit chapel is an extremely rare occurrence. So the groom of our wedding either must have some serious strings to pull at McQuaid Jesuit or is just extremely good at begging (which will definitely come in handy now that he’s married). Either way I was honored to be able to capture such a rare occurrence for the bride and groom.

Once their ceremony wrapped up we made our way to Highland Park to take wedding photos of the whole bridal party together and of just the bride and groom. Afterward we made our way to Glendoveer’s for their reception which is right near Ellison Park in Rochester. It’s a great place; nice & rustic with excellent food.

Check out my picks from Lisa & Colin’s wedding day…

Glendoveers Wedding Dance

McQuaid Jesuit Wedding Rochester NY

McQuaid Wedding

Wedding at McQuaid

Highland Park Wedding Photos

Glendoveers Wedding reception

Rochester NY Weddings

Wedding Cake photos

Bride and groom cutting cake

Rochester NY Weddings Groomsmen

Rochester NY Wedding Photos

Highland Park Wedding

Happily Ever After



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