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The Fairytale ~ Tara & Matt | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer
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The Fairytale ~ Tara & Matt  | Rochester  NY Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers in Rochester NY

I head to the west side for a day of wedding photos from Albion to Deerfield Country Club in Rochester NY

Tara & Matt’s day of wedding photography began at the bride’s home in Albion NY where I arrived at the perfect time to get photos of the bride and her side of the wedding party getting prepared for the big day. We got a ton of pre-wedding photos from the girls getting their hair done to the bride primping & touching up her make up. Then it was off to photograph the groom and the rest of the guys. Their wedding ceremony was at the amazing Holy Family Parish in Albion, a church with that beautiful, classic fairytale wedding look. Tara and Matt celebrated their day at Deerfield Country Club in Rochester (well, Brockport technically) where I covered everything from their toasts and cake cutting to first dance as husband and wife. There are always so many wedding photos after a whole day of shooting that it’s hard to choose just a few to share. Check out my favorites from Tara & Matt’s wedding day


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