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The Best Is Yet To Come | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer
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The Best Is Yet To Come | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer
William & April, a wedding day from Canal Town Photo

Wedding photography in Rochester NY, this week with April & William…

By Patrick Castania

From getting ready for their ceremony, all they way through their  reception, April and William’s wedding photos were captured with style by Canal Town Photo. I started out by meeting up with the Groom & his crew for some pre-wedding photos (I had to interrupt their Euchre game ;)). I then caught up with the Bride and the rest of her bridesmaids who were in the middle of some final primping before their ceremony in Henrietta, NY. Afterwords, we made our way to Brook-Lea Country Club to take some formal and “not-so-formal” wedding photos, then it was on to the reception hall inside. It’s always tough to pick just a few photos to share from a day full of wedding photos, but some of my favorites are below. The Guilford’s selected The Classic wedding photography package to capture their day…

Congratulations April & William and best of luck!

All images © Canal Town Photo

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