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Dana & Andrew | Wedding Photographers Santa Clarita CA
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Dana & Andrew | Wedding Photographers Santa Clarita CA
Dana & Andrew ~ a photo from their wedding day in the Rochester NY area...

Wedding Photography

Rochester NY Wedding Photographers Canal Town Photo showcase a day of wedding photos from St. Paul Lutheran in Hilton to the Plantation Party House in Spencerport NY.

There’s nothing like a beautiful traditional church wedding. Dana & Andrew’s wedding was based on tradition but they definitely gave the ceremony a bit of their own personal twist.  From the groom getting “fussed over” by his side of the wedding party and taking a selfie during the ceremony at St. Paul Lutheran, to everyone having a blast during their bridal party photos, it was a day that was uniquely theirs.

Dan & Andrew’s wedding reception was held at The Plantation Party House in Spencerport NY, a beautiful place that lends itself to making an excellent setting for wedding party photos and of course a big celebration! Check out some of my top picks from their wedding day…

Wedding photographers rochester ny

plantation party house wedding

plantation party house

Wedding photographers rochester ny-3

st. paul lutheran church wedding

wedding ceremony selfie

wedding vows during ceremony

st. paul lutheran church hilton ny

bride and groom first kiss

wedding photos rochester ny

Wedding photographers rochester ny-19

Things can change in an instant…

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fun wedding photo ideas

plantation party house wedding photos

bridal party photos rochester ny

candid wedding photography

plantation party house photo

bride cake in the face

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