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No Place Like Home-Lauren & Peter | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer
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No Place Like Home-Lauren & Peter | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer
Lauren & Peter, a fave from their wedding day photography

Creative Wedding Photographers in Rochester NY

Lauren and Peter’s Wedding

By Patrick Castania

The latest from the wedding photoBLOG. We showcase wedding photography in Rochester NY from the beautiful backyard wedding of Lauren and Peter. It was an amazing day filled with family, friends, and memories… all captured by Rochester NY wedding photographer Patrick Castania. Lauren and Peter held their wedding and reception right at the bride’s parents’ home. Check out some of the photography highlights from the day…


Wedding Reception Details

Choices and decisions …When you’re planning your wedding reception there are SO many choices to make from the table cards to the centerpieces & the cake and the favors. Lauren and Peter’s family did an awesome job with everything! I’m big on capturing all those details that you’ve put so much thought into…

wedding reception photography center piece

wedding photography details

wedding details

wedding reception seating tags

wedding details flowers

wedding cake photogreaphy


Wedding Photography Before The Ceremony

It’s your wedding day and one that you’ll never forget getting ready for! I’m always glad to show up early and shoot photos of the bride getting ready. For Lauren’s wedding she was able to get ready at the Maid of Honor’s salon which is on the property.

bride getting ready for wedding

pre-wedding photos

pre-wedding photography

bride photography getting ready

Wedding Ceremony Photography

Lauren & Peter’s wedding ceremony was in the perfect setting, the family’s backyard on the patio. Wedding ceremony photography is always candid. Don’t even pay attention to me at all. Concentrate on each other and enjoy this once in a lifetime moment while I capture it all for you to re-live again & again…

wedding ceremony kids

wedding ceremony photography

candid wedding photography

wedding ceremony photos bridemaids

wedding photography groom close up

wedding photography groom ring exchange

candid wedding photography

wedding photography ring exchange

wedding kiss

wedding processional

Wedding Party Photography

Wedding party photography is always a blast and one of my favorite parts of wedding photography day. I always try to be a creative as I can with the wedding party photos. With Lauren & Peter’s wedding we began with some wedding party photos near one of the family’s classic cars, then made our way towards a cornfield on the property for more wedding party shots, using the natural surroundings. We got all kinds of photos of the bridal party; from the more traditional style to having the whole bridal party crowd around me as I lay on the ground. It made for some interesting photos for sure…

wedding party photography

wedding party photography Rochester

cool wedding party photography

bridesmaids photography

wedding photography parents

wedding party photography 2


Photography of the Bride and Groom

I always like to take the wedding party photos first, then steal the bride and groom & get photos of the newly married couple to capture their excitement. We capture plenty of photos of the bride and groom together, some solo portraits, and make sure to get some the small details that went into the day, the brides veil and dress details, etc. After this it’s on to the reception to celebrate!

wedding photography Bride and groom

photography wedding dress

Bride and groom photography outdoors

Bride and groom photography

Groom photography

photography of bride

wedding photo of bride looking at groom

photography of the bride and grom 2


Wedding Reception Photography

Time to celebrate with all your guests! Wedding reception photography tends to be in the candid and photojournalism style from here on out, As as the case for Lauren & Peter. I’m always ready for all the big moments, making sure to capture the new couple’s introduction, first dance, wedding cake cutting, and whatever reception events you also have planned.

wedding reception photography

wedding reception

wedding dance

speech photo wedding reception

bride and father dancing wedding

wedding recepton photography cake cutting

cake smash bride and groom

wedding reception photography bride throwing bouquet

bride and groom walking away

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