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1+1= One-Chrissy & Ricky | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer
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1+1= One-Chrissy & Ricky | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer
Chrissy & Ricky get away from it all to spend some time alone & get a few photos as sunset approaches...

1 + 1 = One…The Wedding of Chrissy & Ricky

By Patrick Castania

I first met Chrissy & Ricky over a year ago when I shot their engagement photos just outside of the Rochester NY area. For their wedding we made the trek to Sweet Briar in Geneseo NY (an excellent choice by the bride and groom). Sweet Briar is a beautiful location & setting for weddings and receptions here in the greater Rochester area. Between the mansion and the rustic feel of the grounds, it’s a prefect fit for wedding photography…

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fine art wedding photography sweet briar

sweet briar wedding photos

weddings at sweet briar geneseo ny 2


The bride and groom were both getting ready on the same floor, but at opposite ends of Sweet Briar. I had a lot of fun darting back and forth for photos as they were getting ready for their ceremony:

bride getting ready primping at sweet briar

Groom getting ready in mirror

bride getting ready for wedding

candid photograph of a bride smiling

bride looking in the mirror on stairs

And then it was on to their wedding ceremony. The groom sees his bride for the first time…

groom seeing bride for first time

photography from sweet briar in geneseo

dad giving away the bride

wedding ceremony at sweet briar geneseo ny

wedding at sweet briar geneseo ny

outdoor wedding ceremony photos sweet briar

wedding vows

sealed with a kiss

Rochester wedding photographers

sweet briar wedding photographers

wedding photography

goofy wedding photo

high qualtity wedding photography

bride and groom candid toast

wedding photos from sweet briar in geneseo ny

bride and groom on path

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