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2 Become 1-Theresa & Aaron | A Wedding in Ellison Park-Rochester NY
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2 Become 1-Theresa & Aaron | A Wedding in Ellison Park-Rochester NY
2 become 1...Theresa & Aaron's day of wedding photography with Canal Town Photo

Wedding Photography in Rochester with Theresa & Aaron!

By Patrick Castania

With the above average temps during the 2nd weekend of October this year, it was just perfect for Theresa & Aaron’s wedding day. I began our day of wedding photography at the bride’s home, a beautiful old farm-house which is actually in Ellison Park (talk about location!). We snapped some pre-wedding primping photos as well as photos with the kids in the wedding party & the bride’s parents. We took off right after that (after avoiding a last-minute stop at home by the groom!), making our way to Glendoveers for their mantle-side ceremony and to get a ton of shots of the bride and groom with some of the beautiful fall foliage surrounding us! A few of my favorites from Theresa & Aaron’s day are below (it’s always so hard to choose from hundreds of photos!). Check out a client review while your here too…

Congrats Theresa & Aaron, thank you for letting me be a part of your day!

All images © Canal Town Photo

rochester ny weddings in the fall foliage portrait

eliison park wedding photos photograephy, fall foliage, outdoor wedding photo

Glendoveers penfield ny, bride and groom, gazebo

bride in the sunshine, backlighting the bride

Ellison park romantic, kissing bride and groom photo

little boy wedding ring bearer in suit

Glendoveers party house, dance floor, flower girl

bride white shoes on wood floor

bride gazing into mirror, bride's reflection

Bride in a rustic setting, ellison park

little flower girl cute, dress

communion church bread and wine, jesus

bridal party in the park

awesome candid wedding photos, bride and groom laughing

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